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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cheney on Bomb-Bomb-Bomb Iran (for Israel)

Old friend and colleague David Corn (with Andy Kroll)  strikes again in the leaked tape arena with one today capturing Dick Cheney telling friends of Israel, at Sheldon Adelson's bash in Vegas this past weekend, that bombing Iran might be a very swell idea (to cheers).  But there was more in his critique of Obama and new "isolationists," such as Rand Paul.  For example:
Nobody who's been our friend in the past any longer has any sense of trust in we'll keep our commitments, that we'll be there in a crisis when they need us. On the other hand, none of our adversaries need fear us." Noting that the chief responsibility of a president is to protect the United States against "all enemies foreign and domestic," Cheney claimed that today that charge "is not being pursued in any kind of coherent manner."

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The war mongers are hard at work to start WWIII!!!

What is the sense of war when things can be discussed between rational people and settled amicably???

I hope these people never get their way, otherwise so many many people would perish for nothing.