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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recipe of the Year

It was the oddest thing.  Years ago I used to check out the NYT Sunday Magazine recipes almost every week, even tear them out from time to time and try them.  Not for awhile.  Couple weeks back I happened to get that far in the mag and grew entranced with a rare double-page spread with a large photo of dish they were touting, as part of the usual round-up of what average Joe dishes well-known chefs make at home.  The picture in vivid color showed, in an appealing whiute pan, browned chicken thighs, surrounded by heaps of shallots and cherry tomatoes, in a mustard-wine-tarragon sauce.   Not something I'd automatically try...but that photo....

Tore it out and to my surprise, in the days since, have seen countless tweets and Facebook postings (with photos) of people who tried it pronto, including some well-known folks.  I finally got to making it tonight and ...yes, fantastic!  Just watched the salt and don't over-mustard....Recipe here.

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