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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Halls of Fame

Last night in Cooperstown, dozens from community joined in (see left) singing the "Ode to Joy"--with Billy Bragg's new lyrics in English, which he expressly approved--after screening of our Beethoven "Following the Ninth" flick. (All proceeds to local food pantry.)  About 300 turned out in the tiny community.  Tremendous job by executive producer Kate Roth and others.

Then I talked and then a party at the hot new distillery in town, plus free beer from famed local brewery Ommegang.  And today spoke to 3 classes at high school--and had lunch with the mayor, Jeff Katz,  a rare Democrat in town's recent history.  Like me, he recently visited Big Pink, and has written a baseball book, which for me puts him at the head of my favorites for President in 2016. ("From Big Pink to the White House").  He did win his last election unopposed...And Obama coming to his town Thursday to speak at the Hall of Fame!

Great, wise and interesting folks everywhere we went. And the town is a hotbed of anti-fracking activism and has helped halt it in New York State so far.  Who needs baseball?

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