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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mass Shooting in Santa Barbara, and Link to Video?

UPDATE #2  NYT posts entire 140-page "manifesto" by the killer, which recounts his entire disturbed life...Sheriff at presser says 3 found murdered in the kid's apartment--all male and all stabbed.  Two girls killed near sorority house after he was barred entry.  Then a male outside deli.  Struck guy a bicycle.  Then sheriff admits they were alerted by kid's parents weeks ago and interviewed him and "did not believe he required" any further monitoring.  Polite kid. ...He'd already  purchased 3 handguns legally at 3 separate locations.

One of the victim's father blasts NRA and politicians in angry statement.   

UPDATE:  Attorney says killer was son of assistant director on The Hunger Games.  ABC confirmed.   IMDB lists Peter Rodger as second unit director on that film and director of the 2009 documentary, Oh, My God (see trailer and interview with him.)  Family claims they warned police about his videos weeks ago.  Fox News also says it has confirmed that some of the dead were slain at a sorority house (as the student in the "retribution" video promised). YouTube finally pulled the video but Live Leak re-posted (below).

Earlier: At least seven killed late last night in a drive-by shooting--from a black BMW no less, with a handgun--near this high-toned city on the coast in California.  It went on long enough for there to be three or nine crime scenes, depending on the report.  Seven more wounded and apparently someone struck by car.  The shooter crashed car and died from shot in head, probably self-inflicted.   Conflicting reports place a passenger in car, or not.  (This report quotes witnesses claiming two suspects.  One pointed handgun at woman.)  No motive yet uncovered though link to YouTube video cited.
Word on the street quickly spread about an ominous YouTube video posted by a young man who identified himself as Elliot Rodger, titled "Retribution." The nearly seven minute long rant blasts women who've ignored or rejected him over the past eight years and warns that he will "punish you all for it."
When questioned about the video during the news conference, Sheriff Brown indicated investigators were familiar with it and are looking into whether Rodger was connected with the crime.
His video below (warning: disturbing) still posted on YouTube.  He's a college student, 22.   Local paper reports.  And he had done a number of videos on same lonely/rejected theme leading up to this. Facebook page also still up.  He started a blog here with his bio but just one post:  "Being lonely in a beautiful place like Santa Barbara is truly a horrible experience. As I've said many times, a beautiful environment can be the darkest hell if you have to experience it all alone, especially while having to watch other men walking around with their girlfriends. I wish girls were attracted to me. I don't know why they aren't."


Plantagenet said...

Is he one of the Simpsons ?

Anonymous said...

It's like he was auditioning for a movie! Guy was totally disturbed.Obviously had a privileged life, but no coping skills for rejection? Too bad people had to die because of some spoiled rich boy!

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