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Thursday, May 15, 2014

'NYT' Gets Buzzed

Buzzfeed has obtained and published almost the entire internal "Innovation" report at the NYT much in the news due to its possible role in quick dismissal of Jill Abramson. (Times spokesman claims it played no role.)  Only five pages missing.  Follow link for the report, summary and NYT response.  One excerpt from Buzzfeed wrap:
The first person quoted in the report, ironically, is Janine Gibson, the Guardian editor who Abramson reportedly approached about a top newsroom job, angering Sulzberger and the deputy who he would make her successor, Dean Baquet.
The report also calls for a profound rethinking of the newsroom’s independence from the rest of the company, in order to involve editorial leaders more deeply in technological decisions.
“The very first step … should be a deliberate push to abandon our current metaphors of choice — ‘The Wall’ and ‘Church and State’ — which project an enduring need for division. Increased collaboration, done right, does not present any threat to our values of journalistic independence,” the report says.

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