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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Update: Shooting Victim's Father Hits NRA, Politicians

Update:  Mr. Martinez continues to hit "idiots" in Congress for not acting after Sandy Hook.

Earlier:  Father of one of the victims of crazed killer's shooting rampage (he was the boy shot in the deli) in Isla Vista reads statement blasting guns, the NRA, politicians, with plea to "stop the madness."  Directly blames NRA and politicians for the death.  Pleads for action so there will "not be one more." Fox commentators and others already focusing on no need for action--since the kid also killed three with a knife (a rarity in mass slayings).   Much more on the day here.  And shooter's father as Hollywood director and his warnings weeks ago.

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Shayne Mitchell said...

I'm sharing the hell out of this. And god bless the man for finding the strength to speak out at the most horrible time I can imagine as a parent.