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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Boys from Ipanema? And a Hillary Slam

With Glenn Greenwald's book out today, GQ has a full Q & A out, which includes this amusing exchange on a not so amusing subject (Snowden in Russia).
Greenwald: He says he has nothing with him.  The only reason he’s in Russia is that the U.S. blocked his attempt to go to Ecuador. Russia is planning on extending his visa either for another year or for five years or maybe even permanently. But it’s an odd situation, because he’s obviously expressed interest in having asylum in other places. We actually created a pretty widespread campaign here for Brazil to give him asylum. I’ve always had an amusing dream: to take a picture of the two of us drinking caipirinhas on Ipanema beach and then uploading it to Instagram, and then tweeting it, and causing this systemic massive-heart-attack syndrome in Fort Meade.
 And here he lets loose on Hillary Clinton:
Hillary is banal, corrupted, drained of vibrancy and passion. I mean, she’s been around forever, the Clinton circle. She’s a fucking hawk and like a neocon, practically. She’s surrounded by all these sleazy money types who are just corrupting everything everywhere. But she’s going to be the first female president, and women in America are going to be completely invested in her candidacy. Opposition to her is going to be depicted as misogynistic, like opposition to Obama has been depicted as racist. It’s going to be this completely symbolic messaging that’s going to overshadow the fact that she’ll do nothing but continue everything in pursuit of her own power. They’ll probably have a gay person after Hillary who’s just going to do the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's almost time for another installment of The Democracy Show, that recurring entertainment where the eligible will cast their vote for one of the candidates who'll serve the 1%. This episode will be staring Hillary as the left wing liberal who feigns care for the wee folk, while vigorously licking their bankers. And only those who hate women having their historic moment of equality will vote for her nut job Republican opponent.