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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another School Shooting?

UPDATE:  Shooter dead, found in bathroom.  But shot and killed another student before then. No word on injuries to others.  Food for thought:  there were reports of multiple shooters caused because two other students, probably not connected to incident,  were found to have guns on them in routine patdowns! 

Earlier:  Police and ambulances responding to "active shooter" situation (alleged) at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, near Oregon.  A Multnomah County sheriff's office spokesman confirms the response is for an active shooter. No other details now, will monitor.  A parent tweets:  "My son goes to Reynolds High School... He just texted me that he is OK... and that he hopes everybody is Ok."  UPDATE:  One CBS TV outlet reports "injuries."  Another spots medical copter overhead, which can't be good....but these shootings often turn out to one student targeting one other.   One report has students texting that they saw a teacher or coach carried out.

Live local TV coverage.  "Active" threat may be over.  Neighbor says students filing back into school.

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