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Monday, June 30, 2014

Gold Star Families on Iraq: Enough!

I raised this question a few days ago:  How sick do U.S. vets who lost buddies in Iraq now feel amid the new crisis there and the fact it's even more apparent than ever that our invasion led to wasted lives on all sides?  And what about families of U.S. soldiers who died there?  Do they want us to still fight there so their loved ones did not die in vain?

Sig Christenson, veteran war correspondent at the San Antonio Express-News--we covered him often when I was running Editor & Publisher--has vital piece now on this subject.  I would have expected more of a mixed view from the Gold Star family members but they seem united in hoping that no more soldier lives lost there.  No arguments for "please don't let my boy die in vain." On the contrary:
“I was relieved to hear the president say he was not going to send our troops into combat. But on the other end of it, those that are saying we should, feel free to come to my house, come talk to me and let me tell you the effects of war firsthand,” said Kim Smith, whose son Army Pvt. Robert L. Frantz, died June 17, 2003, in Iraq.

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