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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Maher Debate Over Snowden

Things got heated on Bill Maher's HBO show when Glenn Greenwald and longtime vet leader Paul Rieckhoff squared off over question of whether Edward Snowden may have put Americans in danger or even got a few killed.


Clive said...

Truly, after all the time that's passed since the first Wikileaks, and later the Snowden information - and Stratfor data dump, I have yet to see any tangible evidence that any good guy or gal has come to harm as a result - except perhaps Assange, Snowden, Swartz, Manning, Hastings and a string of others.
The only potential damage is to the status quo, i.e. "us and them" - keep them in the dark so we, the supremely affluent can continue ammassing our fortunes and lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

It's a democracy for billionaires, and a feudal state for the rest of us. They claim to spy on us to protect us from terrorist, or pedophiles, or Putin. But it is us they really fear. They're wondering what they'll have to do to protect big money when enough of us wise up to the fact that after spending trillions upon trillions for so called defense, they couldn't even stop a few poorly funded thugs from attacking the Pentagon in downtown DC.