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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mo Dumb

Friday UpdateNYT just posted online an op-ed debate on legal pot (too much too soon?) featuring six experts. 

Earlier: Maureen Dowd getting a lot of earned mockery since her column on freaking out after eating some pot-laced chocolate in a Denver hotel room (although there is a serious issue in there about keeping same from kids).  Now a marijuana "tour guide" claims he had given her lengthy and explicit warnings about this which she ignored and that "something's missing" in her story (maybe she was also bombed on booze?).
"I don’t see a way for people like Maureen Dowd, who want to try (marijuana) and want to have a good experience, to be able to socialize around others and talk with others and get a better feel ahead of time of how much you should eat and what you should feel," Brown told The Cannabist. "All of the problems that happened in her hotel room as she’s breaking off pieces of the infused candy bar … there’s something missing. When she was learning how to drink alcohol she could have seen other adults using moderation and other adults in bars puking and making an ass out of themselves — because it’s enjoyed communally and legally in bars. How do we have events and hotel rooms that are more open to this?”

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