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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Police Change Story on Death of Terrorists in Vegas

Not a shock these days but quite a shift.  After stating flatly that the two Millers died in a suicide pact in that Wal Mart--she shot him in head and then shot herself--now we are told cops delivered fatal shot to him.  Also: they interviewed the couple three times earlier this year but did not note (they say) the anti-authority wingerism that ended up costing the lives of two colleagues.  Classic:
In a telephone call recording provided by the Indiana bureau of motor vehicles, Jerad Miller complains about the insurance issue that led to the confiscation. In the last seconds of the seven-minute call, he tells an operator, "If they come to arrest me for noncompliance or whatever, I'm just going to start shooting people."
McMahill said three veteran detectives closed their inquiry after determining the statement didn't constitute a credible threat, and that they had no probable cause for an arrest.
And they've released a security tape of the final moments for the couple.

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