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Friday, June 20, 2014

Presbyterians Vote 'Yes' on Israel Divestment

Proud of my childhood church, in closely watched move, voting tonight to divest (three companies that supply Israel) in very tight balloting, 310-303. 
The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) — one of a handful of historic mainline Protestant denominations and the church of many American presidents — is the largest yet to endorse divestment at a churchwide convention, and the vote follows a decade of debate — and a close call at the assembly two years ago, when divestment failed by only two votes.
The measure that was passed called not only for divestment but also reaffirmed Israel’s right to exist, endorsed a two-state solution, encouraged interfaith dialogue and travel to the Holy Land, and instructed the church to undertake “positive investment” in endeavors that advance peace and improve the lives of Israelis and Palestinians. It also said the motion was “not to be construed” as “alignment with or endorsement of the global B.D.S.” movement by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The language was written by the church’s 65-member Middle East committee.

1 comment:

Gary S. said...

So you're proud of an act of extreme hatred? Of course, I realize that the Palestinians and radical Muslims have never done anything wrong. After all, what's so bad about homicide bombs, targeting children for murder, waging untruthful campaigns in the media, female circumcision, birkas, etc., etc.? The support of your so-called "church" has given aid and support to this activity. It is all absolutely disgusting. How you can sleep at night is beyond me.
My cousin was married in a PC USA church and my own children attended a PC USA daycare center. I have let the church and my cousin--who is in full agreement--that we will not set foot in a PC USA church until the denomination repents of its sins.

How can you be filled with such hate?