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Friday, June 6, 2014

Today in Gun Nutty USA

Our latest installment just about takes the cake:  Tennessee man accidentally shoots and kills--himself--while driving.  Gun in trousers were off, got hit in thigh, bled to death.  Too bad, but better him than the usual--a little kid or neighbor.
"I just think it's sad all the way around because he was a good man, and he never caused any trouble that I knew of," said Dusty Minnis.

Deputies have a message they hope will keep you safe.

"Use caution on where your weapons are pointed when you're fooling with it, a weapon like he had has to be cocked, I would make sure it wasn't cocked," said Detective Scotty Wiggins.

1 comment:

MrApple said...

Someone dies, someone who hadn't harmed anyone, and your response is "too bad". Liberal compassion burns like acid.