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Thursday, July 17, 2014

4 More Dead Kids in Gaza Today--As Israel Invades.

UPDATE #2   Usual Jodi Rudoren pro-Israel stenography at NYT.  Israel, you see, is merely targeting "tunnels."  She says so in the lede and then a few lines later. Oh, they may have killed four more kids, and a dozen or more other civilians today,  but, hey, rockets are "streaming" into numerous Isrsaeli "cities" (note, no account of any damage whatsoever).  As usual, she plays up the one Israeli casualty--who likely died from friendly fire!  Love the line that all the Gaza residents have to do to avoid trouble is avoid "infrastructure" and being anywhere near Hamas.  And on and on.  And there's more as she also writes separate piece on the rockers "showering" over Israel cities, although she grudgingly admits they have killed zero citizens so far.  Zero. 

U.S. Senate, no shock, passes unanimous resolution fully backing Israel missile attacks as invasion begins, with Dems and liberals on board.  "Isolationist" Rand Paul calls for "more teeth."  Lindsay Graham puts it clearly: "The Senate is in Israel's camp."  No kidding.  

UPDATE  Israel announces it has launched a ground assault.   "Palestinians and journalists in Gaza reported heavy artillery fire from ground troops in the north and Israeli gunboats stationed near Gaza’s port as well as a continuing air assault. The strikes were aimed at a rehabilitation hospital and, earlier killed four young children as they played on a roof." In fact, Israelis destroy only rehab hospital in Gaza, then it burns to ground....And now battles in the West Bank.  Palestine News Network tweets:  "Clashes have erupted between the Palestinian youth and the IOF in East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Abu Dis, Nilin and Nablus."

Earlier: No, this is not just catching up with yesterday's horror--it's today in just first hours after ceasefire.  This NYT story--which naturally focuses on rockets to Israel--mentions three but Tyler Hicks of the paper, ace photog, just tweeted it's four.  Photo of the four....Meanwhile, NBC has pulled from Gaza its correspondent (who hails from Egypt) who memorably reported on the deaths of yesterday's four slain kids....Banned shrapnel like arrows allegedly used by Israelis now...Confirmed dead:  237 of  which 52 are children and 33 are women, 1706 injured 450 are children and 360 are women...

There may be even more child deaths today.  Follow local journalist @Mogaza for live updates from scene.  Latest:  "Terrifying scenes. Child now arrives to Shifa hospital without head..."


Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about them? The Arabs don't or they would give them a homeland

Anonymous said...

amen! so true!