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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amazing...Mets vs. Yanks

Call me biased, as a Mets fans, but--I wouldn't trade the much-mocked Mets roster for the Yanks right now (factoring in looking ahead the next couple years as well).  And it's not that the Mets are that good--but the Yanks look so old and/orbad.

It may shock you to learn, for example,  that on the most important stat of all, on-base plus slugging (and yes, I know stats aren't everything), the much-maligned Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada top the celebrated (and so much older and injury-plagued) Jeter and Teixera.  There's no contest at 2B and 3B (the Mets have current and recent all-stars, Yanks have absolutely nothing), and behind the dish McCann has been an aging flop while young D'Arnaud is now hot and outhitting him for past month.   In the OF, ex-Yank Granderson's OPS now tops Ellsbury, and Beltran has been another bust, and old and and injured while Mets youngster Lagares is 13 years younger and hitting .290 and among best fielders in league.   Yes, I'd take Brett Gardner over the final Mets OF.

And starting pitching?  Yanks starters are either ancient, or badly hurt, or younger-but-never-top- prospects.  Tanaka looked like gold--but just headed home for MRI today.  Mets have a slew of top young arms and Harvey coming back.  Yes, I'd take the Yanks bullpen.

So: absurd as it sounds--the Mets look far stronger going forward, when you consider the age and broken down status of the majority of Yanks.  Yes, the Yanks ability to spend probably more than balances that out.  And yes, the Mets' owner and GM will probably find a way to blow it. But I'll take my chances on the kids being all right.

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