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Friday, July 18, 2014

The CNN Word--and Gaza Updates

Update #4  Bill Maher tonight follows up his offensive tweet that drew much protest with claims on his HBO show that Israel not at fault at all for civilian deaths in Gaza--apparently all 71 dead kids (so far) had fathers or brothers firings rockets.   And others on panel, including hawkish former Rep. Jane Harman and a rightwing editor, agreed--to much audience applause.  Since it's American TV, no dissenting voice.

New AP report on large number of children among the dead in Gaza.  Full accounting of Friday's toll with names and ages, including 8 in one family.

Update #3  After much protest, an embarrassed  NBC says Ayman Mohyeldin returning to Gaza this weekend, after suddenly pulling him out.   He just thanks folks for "support" via Twitter, and claimed NBC is indeed interested in the Palestine side of the story (which many had questioned).   

Update #2   Final casualty count for day--296 dead in Gaza, including at least 71 children.  CNN's Jake Tapper tweets: "IDF spokesman on civilian casualties: There will be mistakes

While the NYT and most other U.S. media outlets continue to focus on Hamas rockets aimed at Israel (but which almost never cause damage), not a single Israeli has yet been killed by one.   The one Israeli settler killed was hit by a mortar.  The one soldier who died was likely hit by--friendly fire. (Israel is probing that and in those cases it almost alway turns out to be the case.  Latest from IDF spokesman: He was probably killed by tank fire from his own unit by mistake.)   Gaza death toll hits 274 today, and 2200 injured.  Wait, update that:  four kids, youngest age 2, killed just now, AFP reports.    Writing this, I will no doubt be attacked by David Frum and others claiming that I want "more dead Jews."  

Update:  Diana Magnay out.  CNN now removes her from coverage. She stresses that the "scum" were those who threatened to attack her vehicle. Many in media have misreported who she was referring to.  This comes on heels of NBC recalling one of its correspondents who had reported on killing for the four Gaza kids on the beach.

Earlier: A CNN correspondent, Diana Magnay, apparently had second thoughts about an angry tweet that followed he witnessing Israeli crowd on hill cheering air strikes on Gaza--and threatening to attack her car if she uttered a single "wrong word."   She called them "scum." Then deleted it, but not before many saw it and started responding.  L.A. Times covers here.

Dozens of  protests all over the world today and this weekend.  Turks have allegedly seized the Israeli embassy, and so on.

NYT op-ed by Nathan Thrall points finger at Israel and the West for recent actions causing this tragedy. 

Meanwhile, U.S. Senate, no shock, passes unanimous resolution fully backing Israel missile attacks as invasion begins, with Dems and liberals on board.  "Isolationist" Rand Paul calls for "more teeth."  Lindsay Graham puts it clearly: "The Senate is in Israel's camp."  No kidding.




miranda said...

Infuriating! Thank you, Greg Mitchell, for chronicling the craven media's role in facilitating this horror.

Rap Brown said...

It's actions like this that show me why he's a friend of Ann Coulter.