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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stinging American Muslims

I've tweeted out my praise for the new HBO doc "The Newburgh Sting," which aired last night but will be in rotation for awhile now.   Now Human Rights Watch with a new report on the overall scope of the many FBI sting/entrapment aimed at encouraging Muslims here to take part in FBI-designed "terrorism."
The U.S.  Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have targeted American Muslims in abusive counterterrorism “sting operations” based on religious and ethnic identity, Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School’s Human Rights Institute said in a report released today. Many of the more than 500 terrorism-related cases prosecuted in US federal courts since September 11, 2001, have alienated the very communities that can help prevent terrorist crimes.

The 214-page report, “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,” examines 27 federal terrorism cases from initiation of the investigations to sentencing and post-conviction conditions of confinement. It documents the significant human cost of certain counterterrorism practices, such as overly aggressive sting operations and unnecessarily restrictive conditions of confinement.

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