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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Updates on Gaza-Israel Tragedy

Good to see Robert Mackey joining in with blog coverage at NYT.  His post tonight covers Israeli attacks on journalists (while they've been welcomed in Gaza), including the now-famous on-air assault; and the state media there refusing to run add listing the names of Palestinian kids killed.   One of the banned ads here.

Jeremy Scahill calls coverage of this war worst ever, with no TV push back on Israeli leaders and failure to hit constant "war crimes" and massacres.

Powerful little post and photo by NBC's @AymanM from Gaza--survivor of bomb that took 8 members of his famly. 

I suppose this offers some hope for a lasting ceasefire:  war is gutting Israel's much-needed tourist industry.   Hamas may shift aim of rockets to more airfields.   

Writer in Gaza I've often RTed lately, known as "Mo Gaza," with important op-ed in NYT today.

NYT's hits a new low with headline on new story by calling casualty counts just a competing "game of numbers."   Some game.  Some competition:  650 to 30.  Or 500 civilians to 2.    

Max Blumenthal interviews that MSNBC contributor who has now apparently been axed for criticizing the network's one-sided coverage of the war.   She also did interview with Chris Hayes who told her, hey, what do ya expect for criticizing your bosses on air? Blumenthal also talks to unnamed NBC producer who backs her on claims of bias and bosses wanting that. Hayes denies there was "no conspiracy."

I'm sure we are shocked that chief NYT stenographer Jodi Rudoren in her amused--rather than appalled--piece tonight on Israelis who take to a hill to enjoy deadly air strikes on Gaza civilians makes this slanderous error:  She claims that the CNN reporter got "pulled from her post last week after she used the word 'scum' in a Twitter post to describe Israelis on the hill who she said cheered airstrikes on Gaza and threatened to destroy her car."   In fact, her tweet clearly referred to just those threatening her vehicle.   A CNN spokesman explained, "She deeply regrets the language used, which was aimed directly at those who had been targeting our crew."  I'm sure a correction will be coming?

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Dr. Worden said...

As I argue in http://thewordenreportinternationalrelations.blogspot.com/2014/07/hardly-fair-fight-israel-and-gaza.html, the extreme imbalance in the respective death tolls suggest the sort of a fight that, were it in boxing, the referee would have called. Why then does the international community have such tolerance for unfairness? I argue that national sovereignty is one reason, but also how our species handles having power.