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Monday, August 4, 2014

Beethoven Meets Hitler

Well, it's true, they were both Germans...but of different sort...I'd heard the esteemed Santa Fe Opera was doing Ludwig's only opera, Fidelio, this summer, set in a Nazi concentration camp.  NYT rips it today, finding it quite inapt.  One of problems:  in story, prisoner is ultimately saved because minister from government arrives and overrules evil warden.  Didn't exactly happen in World War II...

As many know, I co-produced current film on Beethoven's Ninth that explores modern (and apt) uses of it in recent times around the globe, also explored in my book with the director, Journeys With Beethoven.   For the book I interviewed ace pianist and writer Jeremy Denk, who wrote a review of new Beethoven bio for yesterday's NYT. 

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