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Friday, August 15, 2014

Human Rights Group Hits 'NYT' Bias

I mentioned a few days ago that rights group in Gaza, whose work on compiling a count of the death toll there in past weeks has been accepted by the UN and others, was writing a letter to the editor of the NYT protesting an especially egregious--and that's saying something--article by Jodi Rudoren that questioned numbers accepted by most others (and reflected Israeli talking points).  It also lumped the UN as being on "the other" side.  Now the letter has appeared. 
Your conjectures undermine our credibility, dismiss the seriousness of the violations documented, and weaken the legal standing of victims pursuing justice in Israel, occupied Palestine and elsewhere. Your article perpetuates the public relations message by Israel that there is no proof as to direct and disproportionate attacks on Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces. Our work shows that there is.

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