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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Leonard Cohen: Forever Young

Update:  And now a Rolling Stone interview for his 80th birthday.  Quite good.  The honey bear in the tree.  "Surprise me."

Update #3  Leonard talks about the album a bit and reveals he has half of next album already written, hurrah.  Also, I agree with him that "Born in Chains" weakest cut.  More form his press preview in London, where he joked that his next album will be called "Unpopular Solutions."  He has long vowed to take up smoking again when he turns 80--later this week...

Update #2:  NPR with "first listen"--review by Ann Power and, at least for today, you can hear the entire album, due out in a few days.  Full album also at YouTube now.   Just listening halfway, seems like at least three great new "hymns," Cohen-style:  "Samson in New Orleans" and "Did I Ever Love You?" and "You Got Me Singing." Funny line if you get it: "You got me singing / a Hallelujah song."

UpdateRolling Stone with a few details today.  I saw two shows in past two years but I don't believe he did any of these songs live, and left off a couple he did do live.

Earlier: Leonard Cohen biographer Sylvie Simmons, a Facebook friend, just posted there: "A new Leonard Cohen studio album! Yep, as good as done and due out the last week of September, just after his 80th birthday."  Recall that Leonard on tour has long threatened to start smoking again when he turns 80.  Here's one of the new songs.  


Anonymous said...

He's just awesome. I hope I turn out to be a little like him when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Anonymous said...

So cool. I just love Leonard C.