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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reporters and Alderman Arrested in Ferguson

UPDATE  Much-praised "citizen journalist" and St. Louis alderman @AntonioFrench now reported arrested by his wife, sho says he just called her from jail....Protestors outside jail chanting for his release, according to various tweets...Thursday update:  French just now released.

Ryan Reilly of Huff Post just interviewed on MSNBC--says head "purposely slammed into glass door" on way out of McDonald's after arrest and cop "sarcastically said sorry."  Police would not give IDs.  "Militarized officers" in "peaceful protest" was "antagonizing."   Wesley Lowery of Wash Post then recounts his story (see below).  No charges, no paper work, so they still don't know officers involved.  Both reporters still at lobby of police station because can't get to cars and need to charge batteries.  Update: Lowery has penned story on the incident.

St. Louis County Police Chief Belmar: "We've done everything we can to demonstrate a remarkable amount of restraint."

And now there's video of the Wash Post's Wesley Lowery as he got busted (and slammed into soda machine) in Ferguson McDonald's.

The two, @RyanJReilly of HuffPost and@WesleyLowery of the Wash Post were indeed arrested and now out after police were informed they had indeed busted reporters.  Reilly now heading for MSNBC spot.   Here's Wash Post story on Lowery.
Lowery was directed to leave through one door, and then told to go through another, at which point his bag fell off of his shoulder.
“‘Okay, let’s take him,’” one of the officers said, according to Lowery.  Lowery said that at this point, he was slammed against a soda machine and plastic cuffs were placed on his wrists. He was trying to make it clear he was not resisting arrest, but it did not appear the officers believed him. “That made me, frankly, fear for my life,” Lowery said.
But looking back:
“I knew I was going to be fine,” Lowery said. “But the thing is, so many people here in Ferguson don’t have as many Twitter followers as I have and don’t have Jeff Bezos or whoever to call and bail them out of jail.”
Lowery said he repeatedly asked for the name or badge number of the officers involved and was denied.
The Post has protested the arrest. 

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