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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Band Aid

It may be another big autumn for The Band, with official release of the full basement tapes with Dylan coming.   Meanwhile, Robbie Robertson noted on Facebook that this is the 45th anniversary of what I consider one of the ten greatest abouts ever, The Band's 2nd album.   His post below and one of the highlights in live in studio video.  R.I.P.  Richard, Levon and Rick.  I saw them that fall in Buffalo as youth...
Hard to fathom, it was 45 yrs ago when 'THE BAND' album was released. Our first record ' Music From Big Pink' created such a stir that I felt a real challenge to step up and follow that act. Think I worked harder on The Band record, than anything before or after. I collapsed from exhaustion at one point. We ended up on the cover of Time magazine from that recording (which was extremely rare during that period.) And it was probably the closest we ever were as a musical unit. Yesterday I heard on radio station WFUV they were celebrating the anniversary of that record and they played 'Rag Mama Rag'. Still ain't nobody out there that can do that. I am honored to have made music with those unique, extraordinary, musicians and brothers in arms.

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