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Thursday, October 9, 2014

El Khorasan (Not)

Oct. 9:  U.S. admits massive cruise missile attack last month only maybe killed one or two of the "Khorazan" group plus a dozen civilians.  Notg surprising--if group is actually figment or our imagination. 

Sept. 28:  Well, I said from the start that The Khorasan Group sounded more like a private equity firm than a terror unit.  Now Glenn Greenwald and an associate claim in a new piece that it was nothing but hype to justify bombing Syria.
After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda! – administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore...
There are serious questions about whether the Khorasan Group even exists in any meaningful or identifiable manner. Aki Peritz, a CIA counterterrorism official until 2009, told Time: “I’d certainly never heard of this group while working at the agency,” while Obama’s former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said: ”We used the term [Khorasan] inside the government, we don’t know where it came from….All I know is that they don’t call themselves that.” As the Intercept was finalizing this article, former terrorism federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review that the group was a scam: “You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan … had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.”

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