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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cowardice of Congress---the Law-Breaking of Obama?

Today's NYT editorial is partly aimed at Congress's cowardice in not voting on Obama's new war, but aims mainly at his law-breaking on the matter--read strictly, it would almost be suggesting grounds for impeachment.   And news story reveals "tepid" at best support from those in the region.  Jordan rejects and wisely points to core issue in the region of Palestinians and says it will just help re-build Gaza.  Editorial:
As the Pentagon gears up to expand its fight against ISIS, a fundamentalist Sunni militant group that controls large areas of Iraq and Syria, Congress appears perfectly willing to abdicate one of its most consequential powers: the authority to declare war.

The cowardice in Congress, never to be underestimated, is outrageous. Some lawmakers have made it known that they would rather not face a war authorization vote shortly before midterm elections, saying they’d rather sit on the fence for a while to see whether an expanded military campaign starts looking like a success story or a debacle. By avoiding responsibility, they allow President Obama free rein to set a dangerous precedent that will last well past this particular military campaign.

Mr. Obama, who has spent much of his presidency seeking to wean the United States off a perpetual state of war, is now putting forward unjustifiable interpretations of the executive branch’s authority to use military force without explicit approval from Congress.

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