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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brooks: The Son Also Arises

First we had NYT Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bonner failing to disclose that his son served in the IDF during that time.  Now NYT public ed. Margaret Sullivan covers complaints that long-disgraced and fervently pro-Israel columnist David Brooks now has a son in the IDF, and never revealed.  As she notes, columnists have more leeway than reporters but still...
My take: In general, I agree with Mr. Rosenthal about columnists and their family members. I don’t think readers usually need to know what the spouses of columnists think or what brothers do for a living, or whether a daughter has joined the U.S. Army. But this situation strikes me as a more extreme case. Mr. Brooks’s son is serving as a member of a foreign military force that has been involved in a serious international conflict – one that the columnist sometimes writes about and which has been very much in the news.
Not editorial page ed. Andy Rosenthal laughably claim it's no different than if Brooks' son served in U.S. Air Force...

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