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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jill Feels Ill Over Ebola Coverage

I'm not a big Jill Abramson fan but I'm happy to link to her here as the former NYT editor uses the exact word I used earlier this week to describe media scare mongering over the Ebola un-crisis: "disgraceful."
Jill Abramson: It’s been, I think, disgraceful in many respects. I have to roll my eyes when, like today, I’m reading all these stories about “the panic.” Well, who helped cause the panic? I mean, please!
David Carr: When you say that, are you saying there is an overreaction, or there should be an overreaction?
JA: No, there is an overreaction.
DC: But people are scared.
JA: People are scared in part because of the ceaseless, ominous cable and other coverage, which stokes their fears. Two people are sick and one person has died. That’s what’s happened – in the United States. Obviously I’m not talking about coverage of the disease in West Africa. ….I’m talking about the coverage about, IT’S COMING HERE!

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