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Monday, October 13, 2014

Poitras Film on Snowden Debuts (With Updates)

We followed the Twitter reveals about the much-awaited doc on Edward Snowden by Laura Poitras that debuted at the NY Film Festival last night.  How he reacted to news of a second leaker, and so on.  Now stories at news sites are appearing, including this one at The Guardian--that he film shows that his girlfriend, presumed to have been abandoned, has actually been living with him in Moscow.  And more:
In his first comment about the documentary, which Poitras had shown to him in advance, Snowden told the Guardian: “I hope people won’t see this as a story about heroism. It’s actually a story about what ordinary people can do in extraordinary circumstances.”
UPDATE 3  Wired has published the 'historic' first emails from Snowden to Poitras as he revealed he might leak....They are transcribed from the movie.  E.g.,  "I hope you understand that contacting you is extremely high risk and you are willing to agree to the following precautions before I share more. This will not be a waste of your time."
UPDATE 2: Early reviews are strong.

UPDATE 1  Trailer just out:

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