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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Best of Townes

I've wanted to do this for awhile, so why not now?   As we mark anniversary of his tragic death.   Some of us--a few of us--consider the late great Townes Van Zandt one of the great American songwriters ever (and great American fuck-up).  You may have heard of him, or not.  You may have heard one or more of his songs, or not (or more likely heard them, even in True Detective, and not known it was by him).  So here's what I consider his greatest, in no order, both his versions or great covers of his songs by others.


Larry Roberts said...

Thanks very much for this. I have one tribute CD (pictured above -Lucinda Williams - "Nothin") but most of the other songs you list aren't on it.

JP Stormcrow said...

Nice compilation. One I might add is "Waitin' Around to Die." Version from documentary Heartworn Highway:


JP Stormcrow said...

Once more attempting to make it an actual link.