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Friday, November 14, 2014

Bad Nukes Bared

AP with major story on the sad, sorry--dangerous--state of our still much too large nuclear arsenal.  A new report for the Pentagon paints and even worse picture than we've seen in bits and pieces in recent years.   And:
In the months following Welch's review, 98 missileers were implicated in a cheating scandal and nine midlevel commanders were fired; a leaked email from the commander of the nuclear missile wing at North Dakota's Minot Air Force base complained of "rot" in the missile force; and Gen. Michael Carey was removed as commander of the ICBM program after an official trip to Russia, where he engaged in "inappropriate behavior," including heavy drinking, rudeness to his hosts, and associating with "suspect" women. Just last week, the Air Force fired two high-level commanders in the ICBM program and disciplined a third for various leadership lapses, including the maltreatment of subordinates.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and NPR reports last week that we MUST spend a trillion bucks to upgrade them. We simply have no choice.

Screw the 1 in 30 homeless American kids. Great countries must have priorities.