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Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Aftermath

 I'll be posting all night after the grand jury announcement, updated from the top (ET).

11:55 Finally, link to the testimony and transcript and evidence presented to grand jury--all 4799 pages...Here is just Darren Wilson's testimony

10:28  CNN guys don gas masks amid much tear gas.  Arrests. Bricks thrown.   Military vehicles moving down street--under giant Season's Greetings sign over the street.  

10:09  Obama speaks on how to "move forward." Nation based on "rule of law" and we need to agree this was the grand jury's decision to make.  Quotes Brown's father on calling for peaceful protest.  Cites problems around country between people and police. 

10:02 Live on MSNBC just now crowd nearly tips over cop car, now they are smashing car, now riot cops with long guns arrive.   Bottles had been tossed. Craig Melvin of NBC reports two separate episodes of gunfire near police hdqtrs.  One cop hit by bottle and went to ground and take away but didn't look badly hurt.

9:40  McCulloch takes a few questions.  Not allowed to say if grand jury vote for unanimous.  Says he won't pursue perjury charges against witnesses.  Doesn't regret taking it to grand jury.  Look at evidence online.  Asked if any African-Americans witnesses had Brown moving on Wilson, he said yes, including several he cited.   
Then he rejects reporter's claim that young black men being "killed with impunity" by local cops.  Spent a lot of time, with FBI help, hunting for a couple of witnesses who disappeared.  Note:  Prosecutor did not give clear view of Brown "charging" Wilson--so will be key to look at what witnesses said--online soon.

Only a brief statements from Wilson's attorney, saying decision confirmed their belief that evidence should dictate that.

9:15 p.m.  Prosecutor McCulloch with announcement just now, making full statement.  Knocks rumors and misstatements from the start fanning fears.  Then knocks news media and social media.  And says many made conflicting claims and adjusted stories after autopsy results came out.  Others made statements totally at odds with physical evidence. A lot of emphasis on bad witnesses and sorting  that out with grand jury.  Sixty witnesses gave testimony to them. 

Then McCulloch on to whether Wilson the "aggressor" and used deadly force in "justified" fashion.  Again rips media for probably about to now jump on single facts and claim decision wrong. Grand jury deliberated two days--and decided no indictment on five possible charges.  Then ticks off some of evidence and says will be released at close of his talk.  Much of it familiar now due to press leaks, on Wilson confronting Brown and "altercation" inside the car.  Wilson fired two shots there and then gave chase.  Brown "stopped and moved toward Wilson" and several more shots fired.  Took 90 seconds between start and arrival of first assist car.

Many witnesses quickly gave statements to police and not media.   Then could judge consistency.  Some adjusted to fit the facts.  Others finally admitted they only saw part of the action.  But physical evidence a more solid foundation.  Ticks off Brown's DNA found in car and on Wilson and his weapon.   One bullet found in door at the arm rest, second bullet not recovered.

Three autopsies on wounds--and consistent.  Wilson exam showed "some redness and swelling on face."  Some witnesses said Wilson fired as Brown ran, others not.  One witness placed four cops at the scene.  Most had Brown stopping and turning and then shot.  Many of those who had claimed they saw Brown with hands up then said they did not really see.  Others did stick to that.  Others said he never had hands up.  Some said Brown stopped, and then Wilson quit firing--then Brown moved forward again and Wilson resumed shooting.  Says that cell video captured that paused.  (McCulloch keeps stressing that some witnesses never spoke to media and implies they are more valid.)

Wilson fired two shots at car and then 10 later.   Medical examiners unable to guess exact order of shots, except first graze wound and final shot to top of head.  Ends by saying findings will "disappoint" some.   But decision made on evidence not on political or media concerns. 

9:05 p.m.  Pete Williams of NBC--prosecutor says he'll post materials online in an hour, indicating no way there's an indictment. Raises questions about prosecutor's decision to present all evidence as if a trial. 

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Anonymous said...

[Obama speaks on how to "move forward." Nation based on "rule of law" and we need to agree this was the grand jury's decision to make.]

Has this creep ever found a secret court proceeding he didn't like? And this best man at the wedding party has the gall to advocate for peace?

Shooting an unarmed teenager 11 times without consequence is an act of violence supported by a system that no longer deserves respect.