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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When NYT Caved to Bush on Secret Site

James Risen just posted this buried in running blog on release of the Senate torture report:
12:15 P.M. Report Details Effort to Block Article on C.I.A. Prison
The Senate report discloses that in November 2002, a major American newspaper, which it doesn’t identify, discovered that the C.I.A. had a secret prison in an unidentified country where it was holding Abu Zubaydah, the first major Qaeda operative captured after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
The report says that after the C.I.A. learned that the newspaper knew about Abu Zubaydah’s whereabouts, the Bush administration urged it not to publish the information. The report notes that the newspaper agreed, but that the agency still decided to close the prison.
In fact, the unidentified newspaper referred to in the report was The New York Times, and the country where the prison was located was Thailand. The New York Times agreed at the request of the White House not to publish an article disclosing that the C.I.A. had a secret prison in Thailand.
In December 2003, The New York Times finally did disclose that the C.I.A. had a prison in Thailand where Abu Zubaydah had been held, but that he had subsequently been moved.

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