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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sniper Shooting Americans: Roger That?

A couple of days ago I posted this over at my main blog post on the American Sniper controversy (mainly a collection of critiques by others):
Writer at the New Orleans Times-Picayune hits Kyle for his clear lie about helping to shoot 30 bad guys in that city--from the roof of the Superdome.  I've noted it before but good to see it in the city's leading news outlet.

Okay, let's say that Kyle was just gassing about this while drunk--what does this show about this "hero's" make-up, that he would brag about being judge and executioner--of American citizens this time, not "savage" Iraqis?  This is a question none of his, and the film's, supporters wish to tackle.
I posted link to this over at Twitter and Facebook and twice asked for any defenders of the film and Kyle to respond.  It is, of course, a kind of third rail--the "hero" boasting that he'd executed Americans (and then there was his claim of killing a couple of car thiefs).  Anyway, I'll again to get some sort of response.

And to those (many) who say "it's just a movie" or "it's not a documentary"--the movie is based on Kyle's memoir, not his novel.  The character in the movie is Chris Kyle.  They could have changed name and frankly said it was "inspired by" or some such.  So they are stuck with Kyle--especially when they call him, loudly and often, a "hero."

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Anonymous said...

What amazes me is the lack of comments on this subject! Normally people run their mouths about any and everything so why the silence now? Everyone has an opinion yet few are willing to give theirs, on this subject.
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm