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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Lies of Brian

Update Good timeline of Williams' tales via Brian Stelter at CNN site. 

Earlier: No, it's not Monty Python, but the NBC anchor getting away with--until today's Stars & Stripes story--claiming for years he was in copter shot down in Iraq.   Now he's finally apologized but the stain shouldn't go away.  Prediction:  goody buddy Jon Stewart will have him on his show this week and let him laugh it off as just getting old, forgetting things....And may claim he did teach daughter to fly without wires on TV....Dave Weigel tweets: "To put this Brian Williams thing in perspective, imagine how any news org would cover a senator who fudged such a story."

Here's Williams gassing about it on Letterman as recently as 2013.  And below that, in 2007.

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gberke said...

The man is quite brilliant...