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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Facebook Censorship?

Last night I tweeted out major story at New York Times on declassified report revealing shocking details of U.S. nuclear targeting in 1959--including direct aims at civilians labeled simply "population."  It is based on the usual fine work of the National Security Archive.  I am especially interested because of my over 30 years of studying Hiroshima and its aftermath, and my current book on Berlin in the early 1960s.  Indeed the report has direct nuclear attacks on East Berlin, which would have doomed all of West Berlin as well....

Anyway:  I learn from several experts in the field on Facebook that they tried to link to the Times story but it was removed or prevented by Facebook's security team as "unsafe."  I have run into the same problem there, though so far my link to the archive's site has gone through.  So: The Times link and the archives link

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