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Friday, May 27, 2016

Special Feature Marking Obama's Visit to Hiroshima

Since 1982, when I became the editor of Nuclear Times, I have perhaps written more words about the atomic bombings of 1945, and their aftermath for decades since, than anyone: in articles, in blog posts, in three books.  Spending a month in the two atomic cities was, of course, something of a formative experience.  A very small sampling of my writing on this subject sits below in this blog.  And here is a separate page at Pressing Issues that traces what I call the "atomic cover-up" of images since 1945.

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Susan Doran said...

My dad was in Japan after the bombings as part of the Aviation Engineers Battalion 1897, he suffered from radiation burns. At one time the US Army denied that he was there, I am trying to find more verification that this battalion was there. I am going to pursue restitution in his name, can anyone help me?