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Saturday, August 20, 2016

I Read It Through the Great Vine

Perhaps any other authors, or book editor, out there can comment on this.

Since my last book was published, Amazon has introduced something called "Vine Voices." I'm not sure exactly what this is but it seems to be that they send bound unrevised galleys (not final books) to a select group of longtime reader/reviewers who are then allowed, perhaps encouraged, to post reviews. In fact, they are the only ones allowed to do so before pub date so obviously they have a good of potential influence. My upcoming book is doing very well with them (based on first 9 reviews) but I have no idea how they are picked to get each book--and there are only so many bound galleys in the universe. 

Do Vine reviewers request specific books? Does Amazon carefully send them to people based on their past reviews? Is it possible some of them actually have little interest in a book's subject or genre but like getting free books and/or posting reviews and gaining stature in that community? If they give a negative reviews does it hurt their chances of getting more advance copies? See link for what they look and read like with my book and thanks for any comments. At one of my photos from Naumkeag estate near Lenox, Mass., yesterday. 

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