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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Berlin Story

Kind of amazing coincidence today: Frederick Taylor, the eminent UK historian, who wrote the definitive The Berlin Wall, had just provided a terrific blurb for my upcoming The Tunnels book ("priceless as history and just about impossible to beat for sheer narrative grip"). Of course, I found this enormously gratifying, given my own Wall subject--and I am now following him on Twitter, the modern homage.  This morning he happened to post the very cool photo at left by a well-known photog, Roger Melis.

It is captioned, "Berlin 1976, Almstadtstrasse." That's a very short street in the old East Berlin -- where my daughter, husband and grandson currently live! I've been at this spot several times now. Their apartment building is just down the block on the left....My book, in many ways, was born on this block--when my daughter moved there three years ago....

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