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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Born to Write?

Update: Vanity Fair just posted online its cover story on Bruce.  Lot of interesting personal details on his depression, risky operation on his neck, relationship with father, more.

Bruce Springsteen's memoir coming out later this month, as further competition for my upcoming book (ha, ha), and they've just released an interesting trailer, see below.  Included are some images from his career--including one from the first major piece ever about him from Crawdaddy in January 1972, created by, ahem, yours truly, helping out Peter Knobler.    Of course, I am a tad bit interested in how Bruce will picture those early days.  (And he wrote the preface for my book on Iraq war, So Wrong for So Long.)  Below the trailer, see my own little video from a few years back on how we met "Brucie" in...Sing Sing Prison.  Plus, my recent post on how Bruce helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

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