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Sunday, October 9, 2016

From "America's Mayor" to American Disgrace

Rudy Giuliani just now appeared with Jake Tapper on CNN, an emergency fill-in on Sunday morning shows as other Trump surrogates dropped out.  Rudy last night emerged from meetings with Trump to say the candidate would not drop out.   Rudy today confirmed that and admitted the Trump remarks on the tape were "horrible"--but "when you reflect on it" it was not the way he feels today and he apologized, and will again tonight no doubt.  Then he pivoted to other issues and wondered if voters would base election on this one issue instead of HRC actions "equally bad" and "in fact criminal."

Tapper then pointed out most people didn't think the apologies seemed sincere.  Rudy said that in talking to Trump he knows it was sincere and reflects his views "today."  A "different man" has emerged after campaigning around the country.   Tapper, clearly angry, kept pressing on sexual assault claims.  Rudy said it was "just talk."  Men "talk like  that," Rudy replied.  Then he moved to Hillary "leading attack" on those women who made sexual claims against Bill.  Rudy added, "I don't expect him to go after Bill Clinton," but will vs. Hillary.  Tapper then said he's not sure that it's true that Hillary "led attack" against those women.  Rudy disputed that--you can read it in books, he said. 

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how the 'great' press institutions (NYT, LAT, WP, etc.) have managed not to mention the accusations of the 4th lady that Trump sprang on them just before the debate. They are hot to call it revisiting old attacks on Bill, which is true of three of them.

What these bastions of democracy refuse to mention is the tape of Hillary laughing at getting the guilty rapist off, the one accused of raping the 4th Trump lady when she was 12 years old.

Others are not so in the tank for Hillary to not speak out. Pathetic.