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Friday, October 21, 2016

New Poll Finds Half Trump Supporters Say He Should 'Not Accept' Results

The first full national poll after the third presidential debate from Politico/Morning Consult joins all the others in finding Clinton the winner and also gives her a 6% national lead.  But it again finds that virtually half of all Trump supporters seems to agree with him that he should be ready and willing to challenge the results.   Here from their release just sent:
  • 68% of Voters Say Losing Candidate Should Accept Results: Just 14% said the losing candidate should challenge them. Almost nine in 10 (87%) of the Clinton's supporters said the loser should accept the result, compared with just under half (49%) of Trump voters. (Graphic Below)
  • Clinton Remains +6 Over Trump: Clinton's lead over Trump remains unchanged from the previous POLITICO/Morning Consult survey, with Clinton at 42% and Trump at 36%. Gary Johnson takes 9% and Jill Stein comes in at 4%. (Graphic Below)
  • Clinton Wins Third Debate In A Row: 43% of registered voters said Clinton won, compared with 26% who opted for Trump.
  • The Chris Wallace Moment: 50% of voters believed Fox News' Chris Wallace fair and impartial. That's several points higher than CNN's Anderson Cooper (43%) or ABC News' Martha Raddatz and CBS' Lester Holt (40% each, respectively). (Graphic Below)
  • 46% of Voters Are Concerned About Voter Fraud. Here's How They Think It Might Happen:
    • 47% - Voter intimidation by groups or individuals
    • 41% - Individuals voting at the wrong voting precincts
    • 39% - Non-citizens voting
    • 37% - Individuals casting ballots on behalf of dead or deceased people
    • 36% - Misreporting of votes by state or local officials
    • 35% - Computer hackers tampering with voting machines
    • 33% - Individuals impersonating other individuals at the polling place
    • 32% - Throwing away or destroying ballots by state or local officials
    • 31% - People voting multiple times