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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Poll Finds Trump Losing Little Support After Tape Release

Don't say I didn't warn you. A Politico/Morning Consult poll released this morning shows Donald Trump losing only 2% (and that could just be margin of error) in his race with Hillary Clinton since the release of his now famous "grab pussy" tape: He had trailed 41-39 there, and now 42-38.

The reason, again as I predicted: While Trump may lose some backing from indies, his GOP base remains firm--I'm looking at you, evangelicals--which fulfills his own claim that he could shoot someone on Main Street and not lose votes. One telltale sign: by 66% to 17% the GOPers believe that the lewd comments, desire for adultery and pride in sexual assault do not reflect Trump's real views but just locker room banter.

 Only 12% of Republicans--just 13% of Republican women--and 35% of indies want him to leave the race. And 74% of GOPers want party leaders to keep backing him. Then there's this: "Half (48%) say most men talk like this in private, compared to 36% who said they did not. Republicans were more than twice as likely as Democrats to say most men talk like Trump did in private, 67 percent to 31 percent. Independent voters were split, with 46 percent saying most men talked as Trump did in private."

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