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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Poll Finds Trump Not Destroyed by Video

A WSJ/NBC poll released yesterday,  covering the period just after the release of the Trump "grab pussy" video, showed Clinton surging to an 11% lead over the Donald.  This seemed to indicate, to many in media, that she really had the race locked up.  But a poll released today by Politico/Morning Consult, of 1700 voters, and also covering the post-debate period, found HRC--despite all this--only leading by 5%.  And that was despite finding that the same sample said she easily won the debate, by 42% to 28%.

On Sunday I reported that an earlier poll from the same outfit found the vast majority of Trump backers sticking by him--and he had only lost 2% in the race with Clinton.

This firm support for Trump comes despite this, from the pollsters: "More voters agreed than disagreed that Trump is Sexist (60%), Racist (51%)...."   And only 13% want him to drop out of the race. 


Jaydmedia said...

Interesting take on WIKI's recycled leaks, which Drumpft is now reciting from printouts at his rallies.


Jaydmedia said...