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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Update: My Ten (or Fifteen) Best Movies List

Every year at this time I post my first tentative, incomplete list of best movies of the year--with a few additions to come. I see a lot of movies, including many indie, foreign and doc, but unlike "real" critics, I don't get invited to screenings and so, at this point, I have not seen all the contenders.  So, missing below--for now--are likely adds,  Toni Erdmann, I Am Not Your Negro, and Camerapeson, among others (maybe "Paterson," as well).  Also, I have probably forgotten a couple movies and docs from earlier in the year, and will also have to add them later...So here we go, from what I can say now, in approximate order.

Manchester By the Sea
Hell or High Water
The Witness
The Innocents
A War
La La Land
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Lobster
The Tower
20th Century Women
O.J. Made in America
My Love, Don't Cross That River
City of Gold

Note:  Have seen Fences and Elle in past week and despite fine performances too long and disappointing. 

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