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Friday, June 26, 2020

The "Lovely" Mrs. Cleaver and the Bomb

The recent death of iconic two-faced teen Ken Osmond--a.k.a. "Eddie Haskell" from Leave It to Beaver--reminds me that the actress who played the woman he most often falsely praised to her face, Beaver's mom--often she looked "lovely today"--appeared in the wacky trailer for the movie featured in my new book. 

The actress, of course, was Barbara Billingsley, who in 1947 was still an unknown bit actress for MGM.  See if you can spot her as one of those questioned by the fake "Inquiring Reporter" in the trailer Hollywood's first, misguided and "censored" (by the White House and Pentagon)  epic on the atomic bomb.   Hint: she's at about the 2:10 mark.

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