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Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Brothers Four

Movie I am perhaps looking forward to most is One Night in Miami, coming around Xmas, as directing debut by Regina King.   I've read the play and it is a story of an evening I've been fascinated by for decades, given my fandom, going back to early '60s, of the four "all-time greats"  at the center:  Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, and Jim Brown.   

Yes, the meeting actually happened, after Ali won the title in Miami with Malcolm in attendance, Jim adding color on the closed-circuit, and Sam climbing into the ring at the end at Ali's demand.  (Earlier that week, Ali had met the Beatles, in town for one of their fabled Ed Sullivan shows.) And then: the after-party, with the four giants, which was not so much of a party thanks to Malcolm.  Ali was about to become a Muslim, Sam was about to record "A Change Is Gonna Come" and Jim was not far from becoming a movie star after being the greatest pro football player ever.   But that late-night was dominated more by politics than anything else.  Here's a vid on Jim Brown returning to the scene, a segregated hotel.  Trailer:

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