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Friday, January 11, 2008

Did we nearly attack Iraq -- based on prank by 'Filipino Monkey'?

Somehow this doesn't surprise us (especially since Jon Stewart has already poked fun at the now-famous video). From the Navy Times tonight: "The threatening radio transmission heard at the end of a video showing harassing maneuvers by Iranian patrol boats in the Strait of Hormuz may have come from a locally famous heckler known among ship drivers as the 'Filipino Monkey.'

"Since the Jan. 6 incident was announced to the public a day later, the U.S. Navy has said it’s unclear where the voice came from. In the videotape released by the Pentagon on Jan. 8, the screen goes black at the very end and the voice can be heard, distancing it from the scenes on the water. 'We don’t know for sure where they came from,” said Cmdr. Lydia Robertson, spokeswoman for 5th Fleet in Bahrain. “It could have been a shore station.'

"While the threat — 'I am coming to you. You will explode in a few minutes' — was picked up during the incident, further jacking up the tension, there’s no proof yet of its origin. And several Navy officials have said it’s difficult to figure out who’s talking."

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George Myers said...

Did we nearly attack Iraq -- based on prank by 'Filipino Monkey'?

Shouldn't that be Iran? BAck in 1979 we had 80 F-14s there and almost 4000 Grumman employees teaching the Shah's air force how to fly the two-tailed cat (in "Top Gun") which the MSM stated would be blown up if the USSR came near the Iranian border.