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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Great Debate: Here's what happened

CNN reported that tickets for tonight's Wolf Blitzer appearance (with a couple of obscure Democrats) were going for upwards of $1,000. Would Obama go hard or visionary? Gallup had him down only 4 points nationally now and he's made another big fundraising haul. Update #1: Most of the way through, both candidates speaking well, cordial, no sparks at all. But clearly Obama's best debate performance ever. Fun shots of celebs in audience: Jason Alexander, Pierce Brosnan, Bruce Willis, Diane Keaton, "Ugly Betty," Stevie Wonder, "The Nanny." And many more. Rob Reiner.

Update #2: Nearing end, debate takes a very bad turn for Hillary when asked about her vote for the war. She refuses to say it was mistake, argues that there was a "credible" case for WMD and that she only wanted to threaten force and couldn't imagine Bush was that obsessed with attacking. Blitzer asks if that means she was "naive." She denies, and then mentions "credible" again. Obama jumps in and says that everyone knew at time that it was an authorization for war not just a threat and that's why we need a new mindset. Very bad moment for her. Final question: Would they consider forming a "dream ticket"? Both have fun with idea and do not rule it out. Amazing conclusion: Obama gallantly pulls back her chair so she can rise and then they speak warmly in each other's ears and nearly embrace.

Meanwhile, you can't beat this video: John McCain as Gen. Buck Turgidsen.

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