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Friday, February 1, 2008

Annie razed McCain: Coulter claims she would back Hillary

We know the far right is upset with McCain as nominee but this is really going too far: Ann Coulter asserting on Fox News that if he gets the nomination she would not only "vote for" Hillary, she would "campaign for her if it's McCain." She told Sean Hannity last night that Clinton "is more conservative than he is" and added that in that scenario "she will be our girl." As president, Hillary would be "stronger in the war on terrorism" and would not pull the troops out of Iraq -- she jumped to her feet at the State of Union speech when Bush said the surge was working. Hannity countered: "McCain did support the war." She pointedout: "So did Hillary."

Alan Colmes, enjoying it all immensely, said Hillary would likely say "no" to the campaign offer. But Coulter plunged ahead: "Hillary is absolutely more conservative" and moreover "she lies less than John McCain. And she's smarter than John McCain so when she lies she knows it....John McCain is not only bad for Republicans he is also bad for the country." Hannity clearly doesn't fully agree, but like Coulter hates his anti-torture stance.


bobbo said...

Looks like the old reverse psychology to me. We liberals hate Ann Coulter with a passion, and I think she wants to tar Hillary by association.

Anonymous said...

I like to start the day with a good laugh. Never thought I'd say it, but thanks Ann.

Patrick said...

Yes, I'm sure she thought she was being clever -- hurting Clinton by endorsing her. But I'll never forget Coulter asserting a few years ago that she could get away with saying anything because she is a blonde. Anyone with that level of disrespect for media and the public will not hold much influence for long.

patrick said...

The republican mouths,(Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin)are the republican party's worst enemies. Self-serving, and painting the republican party with a nasty, biased, over-simplified, one-dimensional face, they do more harm than good for the party and the USA.

CA said...

No, No, No...I dont want someone like her anywhere near the democrats. I stopped even reading anything she said about anything after her John Edwards comments. She is just plain bad.

Anonymous said...

Ann, you go, girl! John McCain is an old joke and wouldn't be any better President than George Bush---maybe even worse. He is an arrogant "know it all" old fool with a bunch of old fools hanging on his shirt tails. PLZ, anyone but John McCain for Prez!!!

truenorth said...

Dear Reprehensible One,

Please do not take time out from your busy schedule to support a Democratic candidate for President. We feel that it would be a waste of time on your part and that any impact of your statements on the race would be negligible at best. And, despite any claims to kingmaker you might make if Mrs Clinton should become President, please be assured that you will receive no thanks from any progressive individual for your efforts.


Progressives, Liberals and Left-wingers Everywhere

Anonymous said...

Bartkid sez,
Why is this woman NOT homeless, instead of so many Iraq vets?

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